How to hide a table row based on data from main object

Click to the row in the table you want to add condition

In the breadcrumbs, select Row to ensure the whole row is selected properly

Click to Tag tab on the right pane, you should see that the tag attributes are for the "Row" element

In the If attribute, click the "..." icon to open attribute editor

The Condition popup will appear. You don't need to do anything with it for now.

Select the field you want to use as condition from Data Source. You can browse through the fields as you normally map them to the template

Choose the field and select Add Condition

The field will be populated to the Condition popup

Click the arrow button to select the conditional operation from the list

Type in the criteria for the condition. If the criteria is text, wrap it with the single quotation mark 'Text'

Select OK

You will see the syntax in If attribute, indicating that the row will display in the document only when the condition is matched.

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