Example: How to fill missing data in sample template

Have you created a quotation with Documill Dynamo using a sample template, but some fields have been left without the appropriate information? If so, the reason is that the standard Salesforce fields that used in the template have not been filled in the record.

This article will show you how to find Salesforce fields those have been used in the Simple Quotation Template.

Details of Opportunity Owner and Company Name

The source fields for information in the template’s opportunity owner and their company (see below) are found in the opportunity owner section in Salesforce.

User data can be filled by admin in Setup -> Administration -> Users

When the User Detail page opens, click on Edit.

In the General Information section, ensure that the First Name, Last Name and Company fields have been filled in.

In the Mailing Address section, ensure that the Street, City, Zip/Postal Code and Country fields have been filled in

Click Save

Opportunity Product

If the listing of offered products is not visible in the template, you can add the information in the Opportunity object in Salesforce.

To access the page, choose App Launcher -> Opportunities and select the appropriate Opportunity. In the Products section, click on the arrow at the top-left corner to add products to the Opportunity.

Primary Contact Details

The recipient details in the template is taken from the Opportunity's Primary Contact Details.

On the Details page, in the Contact Roles box, check that there is a primary contact selected

If there are no contacts for the opportunity, click on the Add Contact Role and add a contact from your contacts list when a pop-up window opens

Check the Primary box in the popup , then click Save

Other details

If the other recipient details are missing from the template, they can be added either in the Opportunity’s record or the related Account  in Salesforce.


Quotation templates use document translation and language is controlled by  "User.LanguageLocaleKey"  field value. Translation matrix has two languages: English and German.