How to create a table of Related items

This article will show you how to create different related list tables, using data from Opportunity Product.

Create a basic Product Table

Insert a table into template

Ensure to select First Row in Headers

Fill in the label for each column in the Table Header.

In Data Source, Salesforce, select the Related List

Select Opportunity Product in the list view

Click to the second row in the table. Ensure the grey bar is next to the second row.

In Assign to, select Row

Drag and drop the corresponding fields from the Related List to the table cell.

Create repeated Tables

In the template, you only need to create one table for the Related List. For each Related item, a table will be created in the document.

To create repeated tables, you will first create a table.

Assign the Related List to the whole table

Drag and drop fields from Related List.