How to create a numbered or bulleted list of Related items

You can map Related List to a basic numbered or bulleted list like the example below:

or combine both lists to present information clearer:

1. Insert a bulleted or numbered list to the template

Click the button Insert/Remove Numbered List or Insert/Remove Bulleted List on the editing toolbar

In the breadcrumbs, you will see elements created for the list

3. Create multilevel list

Click Enter from to create a new list item

Click Increase Indent in the editing toolbar.

You can change the second level to Bulleted List.

When the cursor is at the second level of the list, the breadcrumbs will look like this:

Drag and drop fields from Related List to the template

The document will be:

To add more field to a new line, in the template, click Enter to create another bullet point, drag and drop the field there.