How to combine multiple elements for one Related List

This article will show you how to group multiple elements and present the content in a Related List with different formats.

1. Create a Group element

In the document template workspace, click to the Group button to insert a group.

The breadcrumbs will show:

You can select the Show Blocks button on the editing toolbar to see the template structure better:

2. Add content inside the Group element

Add heading, paragraph text or table to the template normally. Just ensure all the content you want to be replicated with the Related List are wrapped inside the Group, showing as DIV in the template structure

4. Leave the Group element

When you are inside a group element, click Enter will create a new paragraph a element nested to that group.

To continue the template design outside the Group element, hover your mouse to the bottom of the group, a blue line will appear, select the line to Insert a paragraph after the Group