Edit Margins, Headers and Footers

You can edit the page margins or attach headers and footers to the final PDF in the Margin Mode. The Margin Mode is accessible from any Body Content part.

In the Document tab, select the Body Content part.

Click to the Margin Mode button in the right corner.

In the Margin Mode, you can customize how the PDF pages to be.

Adjust Page Margin

In the left pane, Margin section, give the values for margins:

  • margin: general value to be applied for all the margins. If you have values in this attribute, you don't need to adjust the below margins.
  • margin for each side (top, right, bottom, left): If you adjust margin for each side, the value will override the general margin. The value of margin-top should be big enough to cover all the content of your header.Similarly, margin-botton is where to position the footer. You can also attach Margin Content to the left and right of the document.
Create content to the side of the page

You can use the Margin Content part and Margin Mode to create content of the left or right side of the document.

1. Create new Margin Content

To create a new Margin Content, in the Document tab, select New Part

Select Margin Content part, give a name for the part


2. Attach the content in Margin Mode

Select the Body part you want to have new side content, go to Margin Mode

Select the box on left or right side of the page, click Attach Content

Below is an example where the Margin Content is attach of the right side of the page

The document outcome will have that structure


If you attach more than one Margin Content parts in one side of the page, the content may be overlapped. The most common use case is having one Margin Content attached in the top-center and bottom-center to create Header and Footer.