Copy or cut elements

In Dynamo template, when you do the normal copy, cut and paste like selecting the text area, copy or cut using the shortcuts Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V , you can only copy or cut the plain text, or the placeholder text. Any styling such as heading, bold, or dynamic content like mapped Salesforce field, conditional logic are not included in the cut or copied part.

To successfully copy or cut the dynamic content, you need to use Dynamo's "copy element" or "cut element" functions.

Select element to copy or cut

In Dynamo template, click to the text where you want to copy or cut.

If you want to copy or cut the whole section such as copy the whole table instead of one field in the table, select the appropriate parent element in the breadcrumbs

When you have many level of elements in the template, the last element you see in the breadcrumbs is the selected one. For example, after click to the Table in the breadcrumbs, the breadcrumbs won't show the Table Body or Row anymore

Use Dynamo copy and cut function in the selected element

In the Tag tab on the right pane, you will see the element name that is selected and the Cut, Copy and Paste icons.

Use those icons to copy, cut or paste element in the template to remain all the dynamic contents and logic.

Paste element

To paste the element to a new position in the template, click to the place where you want the new element to be.

Click the Paste icon

If you are pasting a block element, such as paragraph, heading or table, the pasted element will be located after the element where your cursor is. If you are pasting a span, the pasted span will appear as a child element of your current selected one.