Release Notes 19.8

Release date  April-23-2020

Using Release 19.8

Release 19.8 is currently available only from eu-1 instance. 

Please see also release notes for release 19.4

Template Builder

  • New flow category: subflows
  • Main flow can be redirect to subflow with new flow step.
  • New group in logic view: recent commands. Shows recently used logic commands.
  • New content command for screen input controls: disabled
  • In content template editor block elements will get automatic id. Id can be defined as dynamic or static. If static id is given, it's uniqueness is checked.

Template logic

Bound select has new option-display-limit attribute.

AppExchange package 2.23

AppExchange package link

  • New Lightning  component "Dynamo Document List"
  • New pick list value for Dynamo Document status and Dynamo Document Event type: Error