A HTML content command that makes it host element a control for sorting the items of a bound-repeat on the same Screen. The control presents a defined set of sorting options and so the host element is expected to be a <select> element.

The primary attribute expression of bound-repeat-sort is expected to match the bound-repeat-name value of a bound-repeat on the same Screen, defining the repeat and its Collection that will be sorted by interacting with the host element.

The different sorting options are defined by providing a Collection of Maps with specific keys through the bound-repeat-sort-options secondary attribute. Each Map has to contain three entries:

  • label - Defines the label that will be displayed for this sorting option in the selection. The value is expected to be a String.
  • sortKey - Defines the key by which the items in the Collection are sorted, assuming each item is a Map or a Data item. If, for example, each item has a name-specifying entry with the key "name", having "name" as the value for this entry causes the items to be sorted by their names. The value is expected to be a String.    
  • ascending - Defines if the sorting order is ascending or descending. The value is expected to be a Boolean, with true producing an ascending order and false producing a descending order.  

Secondary attributes


Value type
Yes Collection Yes
Defines the set of sorting options. The resolved value is expected to be a Collection containing certain kinds of Maps, as specified in the command documentation.


Using bound-repeat-sort requires preparation in the form of creating a Collection of the possible sorting options. Assuming we have a bound-repeat with the name "boxes" with a Collection of Map items behind it, with each item having an entry with the key "Size", there could be a set of sorting options as follows created in the logic:

<setMap var="sort1">
  <addMapEntry key="label" value="Smallest box first">
  <addMapEntry key="sortKey" value="Size">
  <addMapEntry key="ascending" value="${true}"> 
<setMap var="sort2">
  <addMapEntry key="label" value="Biggest box first">
  <addMapEntry key="sortKey" value="Size">
  <addMapEntry key="ascending" value="${false}">
<setCollection var="sortOptions">
  <addItem value="${sort1}">
  <addItem value="${sort2}"> 

This Collection can then be used to configure bound-repeat-sort in the Screen HTML:

<select bound-repeat-sort="boxes" bound-repeat-sort-options="sortOptions">