Dynamo for Office is Microsoft Office add-in that works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It provides effortless way to save any Office files to Salesforce without manual upload. Pair it with Documill Dynamo Online with Office Output add-on to generate Office files from Salesforce data and you will have a seamless round trip solution for Office (generate, edit, save back).

Enjoy free use of Documill Dynamo for Office for up to 5 users. Upgrade to paid version to provide it to more than 5 users. 

Special offer: If you purchase Dynamo Online with Office Output licenses, Dynamo for Office license is included (same number of users).


  • Salesforce: Salesforce edition with API
  • Salesforce user profile: API enabled
  • Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 or 365 (desktop and online)


Dynamo for Office can be installed directly from Office application (Word, Excel or PowerPoint).

  1. Click "Get Add-ins" button in the "Insert" ribbon
  2. Search for "Documill"
  3. Click "Add" button

Dynamo for Office add-in will appear in the "Home" ribbon. 

After installation to one Office application, Dynamo for Office will appear also in other supported Office applications. 

Click "Open" to start using Dynamo For Office.

Centralized Deployment

Dynamo for Office can be deployed to Office 365 organization from 365 admin center (centralized deployment).

For more information on the prerequisites, please refer to "Determine if Centralized Deployment of add-ins works for your organization"