Release Notes 19.2

Released on June-18-2019

Using Release 19.2

Release 19.2 is currently available only from eu-1 instance. 

To use eu-1 instance, please switch Dynamo URL to start like this:

This means e.g. that the full URL of Template Builder is 

To change Dynamo instance for custom Salesforce buttons, follow this article: How to filter the template list?.  Article describes how to create custom VisualForce Page where Dynamo instance can be changed. Just find "" and replace it with

Please see also release notes for release 19.1


  • Salesforce API version version 45
  • Editable areas can be defined inside groups
  • Div element is visible in breadcrumb navigation
  •  onTimeout connection for screens with visualization
  • useSignature attribute in mail command
  • UTF-8 encoding for some resources

Advanced view part tab menu

Advanced view part tabs has new right click menu. Depending on part type menu contains different open source actions.

Content: open HTML source and open CSS source

Flow: open source and open all steps view (previously advanced view)